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Devine Law Office is the Lancaster DUI attorney who will fight to protect your freedom and your driver’s license after you are charged with a DUI. When you were arrested for DUI, you were scared, and you didn’t know what was going to happen. Your life isn’t over, though — you still have plenty of options. The DUI lawyer you choose to represent you can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case.

The penalties for being charged with a DUI vary greatly based on a variety of factors: your Blood Alcohol Content, whether this is your first offense, whether there was an accident, the judge assigned to your case, and the lawyer you choose can all play a part in determining the severity of your DUI sentence.  A common misconception is that if you if are charged with DUI, you should face the consequences and accept your sentence without a lawyer present. However, a DUI is a serious crime — not a traffic violation. Going to court without representation is a grave miscalculation that can lead to harsher legal penalties.

Primarily, a DUI is considered a misdemeanor in Pennsylvania. The penalties for DUI greatly range in severity, depending on the factors specific to your case.

Less severe DUI penalties include:

  • Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (“ARD”)
  • Mandatory driver’s license suspension (typically 180 days or less)
  • Hundreds of dollars in fines
  • Several months of probation

More severe penalties include:

  • Mandatory driver’s license suspension (typically a full year)
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Jail time

If you’re worried, you’re not alone.  Talk your case over with an experienced DUI attorney to learn what to expect and how you can protect yourself.

What Can a DUI Lawyer Do?

If you’re facing a DUI hearing, you are likely weighing your options about legal representation. Let’s discuss what a DUI attorney actually does for their clients.

While outright disputing a DUI charge is often extremely difficult, your attorney can work to lessen the severity of the punishment you will receive. A skilled DUI attorney can do this in a variety of ways. One of the most common tactics lawyers use to keep DUI clients out of jail is negotiating for your admission into the “ARD” Program, or negotiating a plea bargain for a lesser sentence or a lesser charge In those instances where you have a meritorious case for trial, our attorneys stand ready to fight for your rights.

The bottom line: a DUI is a serious criminal charge. The legal ramifications from one can be far reaching. You can lose your career and suffer irreparable damage in your personal life. Before you make any decisions about how to handle this charge, speak to the experienced DUI attorneys of Devine Law.