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A family law attorney is a crucial partner when your family is changing — and an estate law attorney is important when you’re planning for the future. Finding the right attorney who can handle your needs with a combination of expertise and compassion is essential. The attorneys of Devine Law Offices have experience guiding families through the legal ramifications of life’s most challenging moments. Our lawyers specialize in most major aspects of family law and estate planning, including: divorce, child custody, and wills & trusts.

Divorce is a crucial component in our family law practice. When you’re facing a divorce you need to ensure you’re backed up by a strong divorce attorney. Going through a divorce may be an extremely emotional event, but it is also a legal proceeding. The divorce lawyers at Devine Law Offices focus on quick and fair resolution, while ensuring you stay financially protected. Our talented and caring family law attorneys also have experience handling child custody agreements. In these cases, our attorneys focus on securing an equitable outcome that is best for the children involved.

Setting up a will or a trust ensures that your wishes are carried out after you pass away. Partner with the estate law attorneys of Devine Law Offices to build the end-of-life plan that meets your and your family’s needs. We have decades of experience handling both simple and complex estate planning requests. Whether you intend to divest your assets with a will or establish a trust to manage them, we have experience crafting and facilitating the plan you need. In addition, our attorneys also have experience handling power of attorneys and living wills.

The attorneys of Devine Law Offices are committed to providing our clients skilled legal counsel about emotionally-charged topics. Start your conversation with our family law and estate law attorneys today.