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Workers’ Compensation

As an employer, having an experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney as your partner is an absolute necessity. All employers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are required to provide employees with insurance coverage against injuries that occur in the course and scope of employment. That concept alone is simple enough. The problems in corresponding litigation surrounding the application of the Workers’ Compensation Act arise in the areas of:

  • Eligibility for benefits
  • Duration of eligibility
  • Nature of injury
  • Type, frequency, and duration of medical treatment
  • Job availability

Lancaster Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers Compensation Attorney Injured WorkersIf you’re a business owner, a local Workers’ Compensation Attorney can be a crucial partner. Most of our employer clients have all but mastered their role in this process. Few require annual review of their policy, list of panel physicians, and reporting procedures. Still, litigation of Workers’ Compensation claims comprises the vast majority of employment-related lawsuits confronted by Pennsylvania employers.

At Devine Law Offices, a Lancaster, PA, Workers’ Compensation Attorney, we have over 50 years of combined experience in representing employers and insurance carriers through all levels of Workers’ Compensation litigation. We are distinct from other Workers’ Compensation defense firms in that we provide a comprehensive address of all employment-related concerns that might be linked to a Workers’ Compensation claim. For example, an individual that suffers a work-related injury requiring ongoing medical treatment may be eligible for Family and Medical Leave benefits. These benefits can run concurrently with their Workers’ Compensation claim. Failure to extinguish the employee’s right to FMLA benefits can expose an employer to liability, even where all elements of the Workers’ Compensation Act are met.

Workers’ Compensation Defense Firm

Similarly, some claims are so expansive or so contentious, that a separation from employment is mandated as part of a resolution of a Workers’ Compensation claim. In certain instances, a global release insulating the employer from any and all future liability related to any potential claim that might exist based upon the employment relationship is needed. This expertise is distinctly separate but related to the resolution of the Workers’ Compensation claim, but it is not a service or expertise offered by every Workers’ Compensation defense firm. At Devine Law Offices, we specialize in this comprehensive, full-service approach to Workers’ Compensation claim handling.

Worker’s Compensation Training Resources

As with our other policies, we provide our employer clients with the necessary policy, training, and protocol to minimize Workers’ Compensation exposure. We understand that litigation costs the employer and their insurance carrier additional expense. We work in a team approach to keep our clients out of court through day-to-day counseling, review of medical providers and experts, so as to return the injured employee to gainful employment as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We litigate where necessary, but by following this proactive, comprehensive approach, we are able to limit our clients’ costs and exposure.