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Family Medical Leave (FMLA)

Medical Leave AttorneyThe Family Medical Leave, otherwise known as FMLA, is employer-driven. This means that when an employer knows or should know that there is a need for leave, the employer must provide documentation for certification of the leave and written confirmation of the designation of FMLA leave. Although the Department of Labor has provided numerous forms and documents to assist both the employer and the employee through this process, it remains a source of great confusion and frustration for both parties. Devine Law Offices is here to facilitate those conflicts and prevent them from occurring in the first place.


FMLA Forms and Certification Documentation

By way of example, there are specific time deadlines for the return of the FMLA forms. If an employee fails to provide the necessary certification documentation to the employer within the prescribed deadline, they could compromise their rights to family and medical leave. This, in and of itself, seems straightforward. However, when you add in the real-life practicalities of the untimely or incomplete response of the healthcare provider, as well as the complexities of the form, the process can, and often does, quickly deteriorate.

Employer Administration of FMLA

Difficulties with the effective administration of the FMLA do not rest solely with the employee or their healthcare provider. Despite recent amendments enhancing the protections afforded employees, and the requirements governing employers, many businesses fail to effectively post the Act, follow its procedures, or designate a leave of absence covered by the FMLA at all. In fact, the leading cause of most FMLA-related lawsuits is termination of employment without extinguishment of protected rights under the Act. These suits are followed closely in number to those brought for simple errors and omissions committed by employers in the administration of family and medical leave.

FMLA Attorneys in Lancaster, PA

Divine Law Office has many FMLA Attorneys in Lancaster, PA who have experience in helping employers properly execute Family Medical Leave procedures to protect both the business and its employees. For more information, contact us today.