Employee handbooks written based on decades of legal experience.

Employee Handbooks and Executive Agreements

Employee Handbooks

At Devine Law Offices, the employment and labor attorneys have drafted hundreds of severance and employment handbooks.

When drafting an employee contract, you must consider the following:

  • Terms of the agreement
  • Compensation and incentive pay
  • Benefits, vacation and sick pay
  • Grounds for termination
  • Needs of the company

It is extremely important to be specific regarding the grounds for termination. Otherwise, you may have to pay the contractually required salary and benefits even if the employee has been terminated.

With respect to Severance Agreements, no two situations are identical. Therefore, “standard” agreements with boilerplate language may not be sufficient. It is for this reason that our attorneys tailor each Agreement to the specific facts at issue, to ensure that the greatest amount of protection from legal liability is afforded. If you have any questions, contact Devine Law, the Lancaster employment and labor attorneys.