Judgement on Wrongful Termination case.

Discipline and Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination

As an employer, you don’t want to end an employment relationship without having appropriate policies and procedures in place and appropriately applying them or you could be accused of wrongful termination.  By not having a strong basis for termination of an employee, employers may be responsible for financial liability under a wide range of wrongful termination laws. Working with a wrongful termination lawyer is the most important step to stay protected.

Termination Policies

Employers that seek to insulate themselves from the myriad of statutory liabilities presented by state and federal statutes must complete preemptive “homework.” This homework includes, but is not necessarily limited to, a review of all internal practices, policies, and supporting documentation regarding termination. While creating these policies, a company should be addressing the following concerns:

  • Do they have an effective handbook outlining all of the rules and guidelines required for successful employment while preserving the At-Will Employment doctrine?
  • Does their handbook or policy manual include all necessary policies required for your business type and size?
  • Have these policies been updated so as to remain current with recently adopted amendments?
  • Does their handbook or policy manual include a single, comprehensive, structured discipline and discharge policy?
  • Does their internal protocol provide for appropriate reporting of concerns related to your governing policies?
  • Does their internal protocol provide appropriate management, supervisory and employee training related to your governing policies?
  • Does their discipline and discharge policy incorporate consistent ramifications for all competing policies?

These are but a few questions employers should not only ask themselves on an annual basis but be able to provide definitive and affirmative responses. If an employer is unable to do so, they are at risk for financial liability.

Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Lancaster, PA

At Devine Law Offices, a Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Lancaster, PA, we take a proactive approach by reviewing appropriate handbooks and employee manuals, including discipline and discharge policies. However, when necessary, we also litigate issues that arise following termination of an employee, such as discrimination, disparate treatment, and unemployment compensation. For more information, call us today.