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Employment Law

Employment Law Attorney Serving Central PA

Looking for an employment law attorney in Lancaster PA? Look no further. Founded in central Pennsylvania, the employment law lawyers of Devine Law Offices specialize in a variety of practice areas related to employment and business. Legal decisions surrounding these topics are extremely crucial and influence the rest of your professional life. When seeking representation, you need an attorney with a track-record of success in the field. The attorneys of Devine Law have experience negotiating employment law cases out of court and fighting in the courtroom for our clients.

Unemployment Compensation

One of the most crucial employment law areas practiced by Devine Law is unemployment compensation. Our attorneys have experience negotiating unemployment compensation disputes, including unemployment compensation appeals.

Family Medical Leave

In addition, our employment law attorneys have a history of success with cases involving Family Medical Leave. Where cases of Family Medical Leave are concerned, our attorneys understand the responsibilities of all parties as well as the deadlines and requirements that must be satisfied. In addition, our business law attorneys understand the connection between Family Medical Leave and employee termination.

Employment Law Attorney

Employer and Employee Law

While business attorneys litigate in the courtroom or negotiate in the boardroom, the attorneys of Devine Law Offices also support our business clients by drafting crucial documents. Trust the business law attorneys of Devine Law to create air-tight non-compete & severance agreements along with employee & executive agreements.

Our attorneys are experienced with some of the most contentious issues in employment law such as workplace harassment, age discrimination, and disability discrimination. When facing any of these complicated, contentious issues, you need to rely on a skilled attorney with a long track record of success, in and out of the courtroom concerning employment law.

Devine Law Offices

Devine Law Offices is committed to providing vigorous, intelligent, and cost-effective legal services to our clients. We work to reduce costs of unnecessary litigation while maximizing the likelihood of successful results. We offer competitive fee and rate schedules. Contact us today to discuss your workers’ compensation and employment law concerns.