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Business Law Attorney in Lancaster, PA

A business law attorney is a crucial partner when your business is growing or going through a change in structure or ownership. The proper legal counsel ensures your business stays legal — and profitable.  If you’re a business owner or an executive, you are an expert in your field, but you need an expert in law to help you understand the complexities of business law and real estate law.  The attorneys of Devine Law Offices are the experts you need to navigate the legal red tape surrounding businesses.

Assisting companies with incorporation & start-ups is one of the most essential duties of any business and real estate attorney. Starting your business without a solid legal foundation can lead to trouble down the road. When you partner with Devine Law, their attorneys complete and file all necessary legal documentation to establish your business in the eyes of the law. Furthermore, the skilled business attorneys of Devine Law can provide you business counsel, informed by decades of experience working with a variety of companies.

Company acquisition can lead to skyrocketing growth and profitability for a company, but it also involves a complex web of legal requirements. Work with a business attorney to guarantee your acquisition is in accordance with Federal Trade Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission regulations and other federal laws. Involve the business law attorneys of Devine Law Offices to ensure your acquisition or merger is completed without incident.

Furthermore, the attorneys of Devine Law have experience helping Pennsylvania businesses and restaurants acquire liquor licenses. Working with a knowledgeable attorney can ensure this complicated process is completed conveniently and legally. Learn more about how we have assisted bars, restaurants, and other establishments to receive their liquor licenses.

Taking the next step in business is a thrilling accomplishment in your professional life — ensure you have the right team on your side. Start a relationship with the experienced business law and real estate attorneys at Devine Law Offices.